Fujifilm announces X100T with improved controls


Fujifilm today announced the much anticipated X100T premium compact digital camera.  The new camera comes with a list of new features over its pre-decessor X100S including Hybrid Viewfinder where Part of Optical Viewfinder is covered with Electronic view finder during manual focusing, Wi-Fi, Fastest electronic shutter with speed of 1/32000 (yes you read it correct). Continue reading

Kodak Discontinues BW400CN film

Kodak discontinues BW400CN film

Kodak has officially announced the discontinuation of its BW400CN film.  We have been shooting with this film in past couple of months and were quite pleased with its availability and facilities for getting it processed.  This announcement would surely make all film shooters sad.

The  film stock is still available in retail stores in Dubai and also available in online stores.  Film shooters will still have the option to use Ilford XP-2 film as an alternative which is also available in Dubai.

50mm Teleconverter for X100s – Review and sample images for Fujifilm TCL-X100


We are truly in love with the Fujifilm X100s for more than a year now.  When FujiFilm announced 50mm tele-converter back in April 2014, it was like a dream coming true for most of the X100/X100s owners.  Fujifilm did a wonderful job by providing three different focal lengths (28mm, 35mm, 50mm) even with a fixed lens using Wide-angle converter and Tele-converter for X100/X100s. Continue reading

Fujinon 18-135, Fuji X30, Nikon D800s, Canon 7D Mk II – rumors roundup


Last week was full of rumors about upcoming products from different manufacturers.  Here is a brief recap of those rumors and the sources.

Fujinon XF 18-135 mm weather sealed


According to FujiRumors , the announcement is expected on 26 May 2014.  The price could be $200 more than 18-55mm

Fujifilm X30

According to a thread on DPReview, X30 would be announced on July 3rd and will have a 1″ X-Trans sensor

Fujifilm Medium format

According to FujiRumors, Fuji is working on a digital medium format mirrorless camera. Continue reading

Touchscreen version of Adobe Photoshop CC shown at Microsoft Surface event

Adobe revealed the new touchscreen version of Adobe Photoshop CC at Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 launch event yesterday.

Previously Photoshop CC was working on touch devices but the functionality was very limited and you had to use pen accessory.  In the new version, the interface has 200% bigger icons.  You can also pinch, zoom and pan using your fingers. Images and objects can be rotated using the same rotation gestures that are available in iPad. Continue reading